Know Before You Buy

The Naked Holster is proudly made in Alabama.

Essential Holsters is owned and operated by two Army Combat Veterans.



  1. This is an in the waistband holster only.
  2. Each holster is only intended to fit the guns listed in the description. Using a holster for any gun not listed can be dangerous, and is not recommended. Doing so is at your own risk. 
  3. Do not re-holster inside your waistband.  It is designed to be removed and installed on the weapon outside of your waistband.
  4. Do not readjust while inside your waistband. If you need to change the position, remove the weapon and holster, reattach the holster to the weapon, and reinstall the holstered weapon inside your waistband. 
  5. Do not use with aftermarket triggers. Each holster is designed for the factory trigger and using aftermarket triggers with our holster can be dangerous. 
  6. Always point your weapon in a safe direction when reholstering.
  7. Only use our holster with a drawstring or belt. 
  8. Always remove your weapon before taking off your pants, shorts, or other lower body apparel.
  9. The Naked Holster does NOT work on weapons with flashlights, lasers, or anything that alters the trigger well, or area in front of the trigger well. 
  10. The Naked Holster will be very snug the first few times, pull hard when drawing. It will get smoother with use.
  11. Do Not leave in hot vehicle / location. This product is made from a thermoplastic, if heated and stress is applied permanent deformation may occur. Don't pull on the holster when it is hot.
  12. In certain climates and conditions rust / corrosion can occur. We recommend cleaning and oiling your weapon frequently to avoid any development of rust.
  13. The Naked Holster has carbon fiber mixed with nylon and this can be abrasive to some weapon materials and finishes. Essential Holsters is not liable for any scratches or blemishes from using our holsters. 
  14. Each holster is 3D printed and may have small cosmetic variations. Each holster is tested to ensure that any visual differences do not effect the function of the Naked Holster. 
  15. People have a wide range of body types, carry weapons, and carry positions. Some weapon and carry positions may cause discomfort over longer periods of time. 
  16. The teeth on the Naked holster are aggressive and may scratch traditional leather belts. Our clip is purposefully strong and aggressive to ensure that when you need to draw and use your weapon, the clip WILL remain on your belt and not block you from firing. 
  17. Be conscious that you are carrying a firearm.