Springfield XD-E (Left) - Essential Holsters
Springfield XD-E (Left) - Essential Holsters

Springfield XD-E (Left)

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Please see the Naked Holster Information Page before purchasing. 

This model is for the Springfield XD-E only.

Do I need a left or a right??? - Check out our Fitment Guide Page

This model does NOT fit the XD, XD-M, or XD-S. This holster his not compatible with lights/lasers. 

Introducing the World's First Production 3D Printed Holster

     If you are anything like me, you are tired of holsters that increase the width of your guns and make it feel like you are trying to conceal a refrigerator in your pants.  You're tired of sweating against leather and Kydex. You've probably looked into minimalist holsters and tried things like attaching trigger guards with lanyards and belt clips on your gun's slide, but lanyards are a pain and slide clips make pulling the slide awkward. Why isn't there anything new out there?

     I realized that nothing out there was really unique, different, or revolutionary in the holster market because everyone is using the same techniques and building materials that have been around for decades.  It's 2020 and it's time to step into the future. 3D printing allows for the placement of the right amount of material in the right spot and to very tight tolerances. Combine this with stronger and more resilient materials like nylon impregnated with carbon fiber and you have a recipe to disrupt an entire industry. 

     Our Patent Pending holsters have been custom engineered to grasp onto the weapon’s trigger guard, unlike any holster before.  Hundreds of iterations and trials are used to tune each individual design. 

When you first use this holster you will likely notice several things:

First: As you push the holster onto the front of the trigger guard it will sensually clip into place and make a very nice audible "click." 

Second: As soon as you hear the "click" you will realize that the holster is held in tight; and when you go to twist or wiggle the clip, there is little to no play.

Third: Observing the total package you will see that it almost looks like nothing has been put on the gun. Dare I say... the gun looks "Naked." Closer investigation reveals that this holster added nothing to the width dimensions of the weapon. (Obviously the belt clip sits outside of your waistline, thus not contributing to adding distance between your pants and your body.)

Fourth: At this point, you might notice that you still have access to everything on the gun except the trigger. That's right. You can load and drop the magazine. You can rack the slide to chamber or eject a round, and you can operate the safety.

Fifth: A quick pull on the belt clip outward will reveal that the belt clip is very stout, much stronger than many of the plastic clips, but not as stiff and difficult to use as the steel belt clips. It can accommodate a drawstring and belts up to 1.6 inches. 

Last: Removing the holster is rather tough.  There is a considerable detent that must be overcome before the weapon smoothly slides out.  If you want to draw, you need to pull it like you mean it. It is a holster that meant to defend yourself and others, not to be used in shooting competitions. 

     I invented this product for myself, and I love it.  It has become a permanent accessory for each of my pistols.  I can grab any of them to carry, put it on in 2 seconds, and walk out the door.  I can carry in gym shorts, after a workout, scrubs, after leaving the hospital, and swimming trunks walking the boardwalk. Because of this, I carry more often and it is easier than ever before.