Contact Us / FAQ

We prefer that you contact us via Facebook Messenger through our Facebook page here


Question: Do you offer any holsters other than what is listed on your website?
Answer: Unfortunately no. All holsters we have will be listed on our website, if the holster you would like is not listed, we do not offer it at this time. Please feel free to message us here with the gun model you are looking for. We are still interested in what holster you would need! We are adding more holsters as quickly as we can. Please follow our Facebook page for updates on new releases. 

Question: Will This holster work on a gun that it is not listed for?
Answer: No. Each holster is designed to fit each gun specifically. For instance, an Ruger LCP will not work on a Ruger LC9. The holsters are not interchangeable, a Glock holster will not work on a Sig Sauer. Please do not use the holster for a gun that it is not intended for. This is dangerous and we do not recommend it.

Question: Why didn't I receive a confirmation email?
Answer: If you didn't receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. Still don't see one? Feel free to message us here, so we can help you out!

Question: What is your return policy?
Answer: We realize this holster isn't for everyone and that is totally fine. If for some reason the holster isn't working out for you, please contact us and we will email you a return label. Please give us your name or order number and the reason you'd like to return the holster. We ask why you are returning the holster so that we can correct the issue. You will receive a return label in your email and when we receive the holster back, we will issue the refund. Please allow 3-5 business days for exchanges/ returns.