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    How To Use The Naked Holster

    Please read through all of the Warnings. Each warning is extremely important to understand how to safely use the Naked Holster.
    Failure to use the Naked Holster with the proper firearm and in its intended manner could result in the user accidentally discharging the firearm, causing bodily injury and/or death to the user or others.
    ***Watch the “How to use The Naked Holster” instructional video BEFORE PURCHASING the Naked Holster***
    If you do not have proper firearm safety training, including proper concealed carry techniques, please do not attempt to use the Naked Holster. 
    If you decide to carry with a round in the chamber, that is your personal responsibility. 
    The Naked Holster is NOT ambidextrous. Check out theFitment Guide to help determine if you need a right or left hand holster, as it can vary depending on your chosen carry position.
    Essential Holsters is not liable for any injuries or accidents caused by improper firearm use or improper use of The Naked Holster


    Firearm Related Warnings:

    1.  Do NOT use the Naked Holster if your firearm has an aftermarket trigger, light, laser, rail adapter, or trigger weight that has been modified in any way. If you are unfamiliar with your firearm, or are unsure of its current configuration and/or origin, do NOT use the Naked Holster.
    2.  Each holster has a designated Holster Index number printed on the ramp of the belt clip. ONLY use the Naked Holster with firearms listed next to that holster’s number, found on the Holster Index page.
    3.  Manufacturers often make changes to their firearms, and firearm naming. If your Naked Holster does not fit properly on your firearm, and your firearm is listed under the Holster Index to work with that holster, please contact us  here immediately. 

      Holstering Related Warnings:

      4.  Always point your firearm in a safe direction when reholstering.
      5.  Do NOT re-holster inside your waistband. The Naked Holster MUST be removed and installed on the firearm outside of your waistband.
      6.  Do NOT readjust or change your carry position while your firearm is inside your waistband. If you need to change the position, first draw the firearm. Then remove the Naked Holster, and reattach the holster to the firearm. Finally, place the holstered firearm inside your waistband. 
      7. Certain body positions and clothing accessories can push or pull on the firearm causing it to dislodge. Test all positions and accessories with an unloaded firearm first. If, for any reason, your firearm ever becomes dislodged from the holster, but is still in your waistband, draw your firearm and reholster per the instructional video. Do not push the firearm back into the Naked Holster for any reason.

        General Use Warnings:

        8.  The Naked Holster is designed to be worn only inside the waistband with a belt or tied drawstring at the appendix, small of the back, or the 3-5 O’clock hip carry positions. Do NOT use the Naked Holster in any other way; for example, outside of your waistband, on your boot, on a backpack, etc. 
        9.  Do NOT attempt to use the Naked Holster as a firearm security lock or child safety device.
        10.  Do NOT use the Naked Holster for shooting competitions or tactical scenarios.
        11.  Do NOT use the Naked Holster if it is deformed in any way. Be mindful that when you have your holster on and are sitting, walking, or squatting, it is possible to accidentally snag your belt clip and exert extreme forces on the belt clip, possibly permanently deforming it. 
        12.  The Naked Holster is made from a thermoplastic and is more likely to permanently deform if subjected to strong forces while hot. If the Naked Holster is exposed to greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 10 minutes, let it cool down to room temperature before applying any strong forces. 
        13.  Do NOT forget that you are carrying a firearm.

          Clothing Related Warnings:

          14.  Before using the Naked Holster you MUST ensure that it will work properly with your clothing. For each outfit you wish to carry in, make sure the firearm stays tight to your body, does NOT eject the magazine, and draws leaving the holster attached to the belt or tied drawstring. If you change anything about the way you are carrying or your clothing, you need to clear your firearm and practice with the new clothing.
          15.  Only use the Naked Holster with a tied drawstring  or belt. 
          16. Some drawstrings can be too thin for the Naked Holster to work properly. During practice, if the holster comes off your waistband even once when drawing, do NOTuse the Naked Holster with that particular piece of clothing.
          17.  It is normal for the holster to flip out on drawstring clothing after drawing the firearm. With practice it is easy to feel this in your hand and flip the holster back over before proceeding with normal removal techniques.
          18.  Do NOT apply the holster over a belt loop. 
          19.  Always remove your firearm before undoing your belt or untying your drawstring.

            Additional Information:

            The Naked Holster will be very snug the first few times; pull quickly and deliberately when drawing. It will get smoother with use.
            The Naked Holster is made from a nylon thermoplastic infused with carbon fiber, and is  abrasive to some firearm materials and finishes.  Essential Holsters will not be responsible for any scratches or blemishes from the use of the Naked Holster.
            The Naked Holster’s belt clip has aggressive teeth that can damage the belts and clothing. The teeth are aggressive so that when you draw to use your firearm, you can have confidence that your Naked Holster will remain properly attached to your belt or drawstring. If you want your clothing or belt to stay in pristine condition, this holster is not for you. 
            Each Naked Holster is 3D printed and may have small cosmetic variations. At Essential Holsters we inspect every Naked Holster to ensure that any cosmetic variations do not affect the function of the Naked Holster. 
            In some climates and conditions rust/corrosion can occur to your firearm. We recommend cleaning and oiling your firearm frequently to avoid any development of rust.
            Some pistol grips may be abrasive to skin. We acknowledge that some firearm models are very aggressive on bare skin, but we also respect that many people still wish to carry their chosen firearm with the Naked Holster, and find other ways to deal with the pistol grip texture. 

            About Us:

            Our holsters are proudly made in Alabama.
            Our customers have a wide range of body types, firearms, and carry positions. One firearm and carry position may work for some, but could cause discomfort for others. We have heard many Naked Holster success stories from customers of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, needs, and desires. 
            The Naked Holster was created so 2nd. Amendment supporters could carry more often, without the added bulkiness of a traditional holster. 
            We at Essential Holsters choose to carry whenever possible, so that we always have each other's six.